Holly Jolly
Holly Jolly


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This glitter is called Holly Jolly and is part of the holiday collection.
 It consists of ruby red and emerald green glitter. Holly Jolly can be used for your face, body, hair and nails.
Available in 5g jars only.

How to apply

For the best results, use the glitter with our Glam Glue glitter adhesive so that it can stay in place. Apply the glitter with a flat eyeshadow brush or pat it on with your finger.

How to remove

Remove the glitter by using a cotton pad soaked with an oil based product such as face oil, coconut oil or baby oil and remove gently. This will help dissolve the adhesive underneath the glitter and will make the removal process easier. It is recommended that you keep your eyes closed during this process to prevent the glitter from getting in your eyes. Rinse your face with a warm wash cloth and with soap and water to ensure that all of the glitter has been removed. Please ensure to dispose all glitter products in the garbage can. Do not wash any glitter down the sink or flush down the toilet.